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Cambridge Education (Official Partner of Anudip Foundation) is a pioneer in providing IT, technical Courses, Teaching Courses and financial courses to the students in Delhi/NCR. Delhi/NCR is the IT & Corporate hub, Education Hub with infinite numbers of School & colleges and the need of a certified and qualified professionals & Teachers who holds the right knowledge is more. We understand the need of the industry and designed various IT, Technical and financial courses that will be beneficial for both the employer and employee. Cambridge Education became the Partner of Many Colleges in Haryana to provide quality education to B.ed, M.ed and D.el.ed students.

Cambridge is also a corporate training institute started with a group of trainers who have excelled in technologies related to IT infrastructure and corporate placement. In this fast paced world where technological benchmarks are constantly pushed higher and higher, organizations are seeking for training programmes than transcend the barriers of time and keep the employee morale and confidence strong all the time, to promise this our training includes real time examples, lab setup that gives real-time feel and experience our training methodology provides the required skill set to meet the objectives of an organization. The changing needs of the organization is fulfilled through our commitment of overtaking the existing technologies.

Our Official Partner Anudip Foundation beneficiaries, youth and women, are from high-need, marginalized communities; they may be religious minorities, tribals, political refugees, people with disabilities or victims of trafficking. They are led through a process of continuous improvement, in-depth and diverse training and continuous mentoring. Our Curriculum, enriched with educational technologies and customized content creates an immersive professional development program. Anudip’s stellar placement record stems from its training programs being tailored to actual needs of employers, as well as to students’ career aspirations. Anudip is a strategic partner of iMerit Technology Services, a global leader in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other breakthrough technologies. More than 1000+ Anudip Alumni have been employed by iMerit.


Cambridge's mission is to generate sustainable knowledge-economy livelihoods for youth and women through market aligned skills training.

Cambridge Education


Cambridge believes that digital skills can create enhanced livelihoods for marginalized communities..